Wednesday, October 26, 2005


A trés jolie offering from the French blog Tam Tam & Mélodie. Although I'm a bit confused, maybe someone out there can help me, there's a track on here called "Hano Hano" that I have on CD from the 101 Strings called Aloha Hawaii.

Trader Victor


Perez Prado goes Pop!

My peeps would tell you that I'm not an arithmetic afficionado, except when counting money. But here is an equation easy to understand:

Hammond organ + Perez Prado = Pure musical heaven

Pinicchio has the fantastico "Pops and Prado" from 1959, the year that brought us Fidel Castro. I guess you got to take the good with the bad – Perez goes Pop, Cuba went Commie.

So without further adeu:

Side A:

Side B + coverart: